Maison/Made is a holistic skincare atelier that creates high-performance, reliable products by biodynamically growing our own skincare-specific plants on our family-run medicinal herb farm in Burgundy, France.

We harmonize profound skin-science and intelligent ingredient synergy with a direct sensibility for nature and the environment. Sustainable practices in the propagation, design, and execution of our products dictate our values and decisions. For more on this, head over to our Sustainability section.

Based on the belief that in nature, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that what we put on our body is as important as what we put inside it, we formulate holistic skincare products that embody some of the most vibrant and powerful botanicals: untouched, undivided, unrefined, pure. They are assembled synergistically in each formula to maximize their individual and collective effects in order to magnify their vibrancy and performance on the skin.

The flowers and herbs we use in our formulations grow wild and biodynamically along our countryside home in the Burgundy region of France whose vitality inspired us to found Maison/Made. We do our best to cultivate our plants for maximum potency for skincare, and we run the farm according to the best practices for biodynamic herb farming (read about that here), doing our part to help heal our planet.

Our founder is Carolina Prioglio, a holistic skincare formulator with a background in journalism and photography and a long-term passion and dedication for natural beauty, whole botanicals, and self-care rituals.



Synergistic Skincare

Our approach is based on the concept of holism, where all the parts that create a whole are reviewed individually and then in relationship to each other. The whole they create is greater than the sum of these parts.  I truly believe that the powers of a well-balanced, botanically-focused formulation provide more nourishment, restoration, and vibrancy to the skin than the products that don’t have this focus.


Slow Beauty

We believe in a “SLOW Beauty” approach to our design and production process, which is emphasized in the development of our formulas. We care about sourcing the most potent holistic (and when appropriate, wild-crafted) ingredients that don't impose a negative impact on the environment.

Carolina designs our formulas, sources our ingredients and hand-mixes them to ensure that each bottle contains the freshest and most vibrant botanicals. The aroma in our products is the direct perfumery of nature and our farm.

Slow Beauty begins with the soil and is a practice in patience and intention. We grow our own plants, which takes time. Carolina formulates her own serums and elixirs, which takes time. We also hand-blend our products, which also takes time. But in taking our time, we can assure a higher level of quality, which will then manifest itself in better results for our customers.  



Object of Beauty

We strive for our products to exude beauty in every possible way: to help you look the best version of yourself and also for them to be a beautiful object you are happy to see in your cabinet every day. Of course beauty is subjective, but we do our best to brighten and soothe the aesthetic of your beauty stockpile.

We believe we have a distinct sensibility for finding beauty in the world around us, and care deeply not only about how the products we make affect positively someone's skin, but also about how they improve the visual world around them.

Maison/Made is based between New York City and the region of Burgundy, in central France.