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Creating a Holistic Skincare Company

I started my journey into the world of beauty as a young, pre-internet, naive teenager, navigating myself through the myriad of serums, creams, tonics, masks, and bathing with natural treatments I created for myself, with the hope of ensuring that my skin remained healthy and vibrant as time went on. My enthusiasm kept evolving through my 20’s while I was writing on beauty as a journalist in both Buenos Aires (where I’m from) and New York (where I live). Then, after realizing how much misinformation is out there, I decided to take the plunge into holistic skincare formulation to make high-performance botanical products using the herbs grown in our own sustainable herb farm in France. The positive ecological impact of adding plants into the world, and control over the quality of the plants I grow, is central to my goal of creating an advanced holistic beauty product.

Aerial view of the property in Burgundy, France

Aerial view of the property in Burgundy, France

To assemble these holistic formulations requires knowledge, patience and determination. I chose to enroll myself at Formula Botanica, a school that is quickly becoming the world’s leader in the accredited instruction of organic cosmetic science. At the same time I created maison/made in order to document the journey of what it is like to create a holistic skincare company from literally the ground up.

My approach is based on the concept of holism, where all the parts that create a whole are reviewed individually and then in relationship to each other. The whole they create is greater than the sum of these parts.  I firmly believe that the powers of a well-balanced, botanically-focused formulation provide more nourishment, restoration, and vibrancy to the skin than the products that don’t have this focus. So, in order to truly know what I will put into my future products, I am growing my own botanical ingredients.

I am able to do this because we have the good fortune of owning what will soon be a small medicinal herb farm in Burgundy, France.  By converting an idle, unused piece of land into a vibrant and flourishing herb farm, I am attempting to do my part to help keep our planet healthy and thriving. We have just begun with this adventure and this Journal will be documenting our progress.

Also included in the Journal will be what we learn along the way and deem interesting and exciting for you.  This will not only include updates on the farm, but also herb and flower profiles, beauty rituals I have experimented with, and knowledge and wisdom about the holistic beauty movement in general.  I would like this space to be a place of transparency for those who care about well-formulated skincare products, what goes into them, and the people behind them.

My hope is that through this journal you can better understand the bottles your bathroom shelves.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions so that we can create a dialogue and continue to move this industry in the right direction.  I hope that you enjoy seeing our progression and learn from us so that we can all benefit from better, more sustainable skincare products!