A Workhorse for the Skin


The Extrait de Maison Serum & Its Many Uses

While normally I use this Journal to talk everything that surrounds our product/s (more coming, don’t worry!) whether it be how we grow our raw materials, my take on the green beauty movement, or explaining the basics of the skin, I thought it could be useful to talk about our foundational product, the Extrait de Maison. If you’ve read my other post on plant oils, you’ll know how crucial they are for delivering a healthy, youthful complexion.

I spent the better part of 2 years developing, testing, refining, and balancing our Extrait de Maison formula. The reason for this was not superficial, it was to make it a “star” product in it’s formulation, something to provide all skin-types the vital components to re-balance the skin and to fortify the Protective Barrier by providing the necessary elements that the skin loses over the course of the day to stress, the environment, and the natural process of aging.

It does this through a powerful blend of lipids and antioxidants (more on those here) that everyone can benefit from, minimizing the production of free radicals and thereby rejuvenating, promoting, and sustaining the natural physiology of the skin. The luxurious, multi-functional nature of this Restorative and Antioxidant treatment serum makes it a staple in any skincare ritual, both day and night, but it does not need to be limited to just the face, there’s a whole multitude of other uses! Let’s explore below 😊

• DAILY ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT:  Being such a potent, versatile facial serum, the Extrait de Maison is the core skincare product in my routine. I use it primarily at night paired with a good night’s sleep for a great restorative combo. That being said, of course it can be used during the day as well! I apply after cleansing and misting a toner, while my face and neck are still damp. The serum has the perfect balance of being both lightweight and protective. I then layer on a light moisturizer so that my skin gets both the oil and water-based components that are necessary for the skin to be healthy and give it that glow that everyone seems to be talking about right now.

• EYE & LIP REJUVENATING TREATMENT: Capitalizing on its versatility, many times I also use the Extrait de Maison as my eye and lip care treatment. Its antioxidant and rejuvenating composition makes it ideal for these delicate areas. It can also be used to help fade scars anywhere on the body.

• FACE MASK BOOSTER: When I combine it with the powdered face mask I’m currently working on, it has the effect of magnifying the potency and efficacy of the mask. Usually I, and most people, activate a mask by mixing the powder with water in order to provide that consistency you need to apply it. However, when you use a good serum like this one, it can protect and keep the skin moisturized when using a “renewing mask”, enhance the soothing and moisturizing effect of a “hydrating mask”, and potentiate the action of a “rejuvenating mask”. When most people activate a powdered mask with something other than water, they usually grab some honey or yoghurt (both great options too!), however give it a shot with our EdM, it’s truly a wonderful experience.

• HAIR TREATMENT: Every other week, I like to use the Extrait de Maison as a hair treatment. It gives my hair a jolt of vitality, while softening, strengthening and moisturizing. Even though this is a ritual I do all year long, I especially recommend it for both Summer and Winter, the two harshest seasons when our hair gets most of its damage. How? I massage it onto my scalp and into the ends. This is always a nice little moment of relaxation (who doesn’t like a little head massage?). Since the Extrait de Maison is a concentrated product, just a few pumps are sufficient for this process. I typically do this about 30 minutes before a shower or sometimes as a sleeping mask.

And there we go! Like I said, this product (and other serums too btw) can be so much more than just a nightly serum. My partner even uses it as a beard oil, he loves how healthy his hair looks and how it keeps it soft throughout the day. For those of you out there who have some, if you’ve used it another way not mentioned above, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!