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Farm Update: Summer 2019

We arrived on a Saturday and we reached the farm in the late afternoon just as the heat from the sun began to crispen instead of roast. Having dropped the bags off in the house, the first stop was to survey what the Spring had sprung.

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New Kids on the Block

With the new growing season already here, our minds are currently focused on the Maison/Made farm in Burgundy. We started with a list of over 60 plants we want to (eventually) grow on the farm and, somewhat painstakingly, whittled the list down to 20…

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The King of Herbs

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) is one of our favorite herbs at Maison/Made (if not our #1). It is an incredibly underrated plant by the vast majority of people, since it is primarily seen as a nuisance, a common weed, one that stings you if you accidentally brush up against it while out in the woods.

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