Sustainability is not a marketing buzzword for us, it’s unfortunate that the word has become watered down, open to interpretation.

True sustainability is the foundation of this company.


The Farm


Biodynamic farming encompasses organic agriculture, a healthy planet, and the production of premium-quality raw ingredients.

Our farming efforts lie in the idea that in order to design and create a skincare product that is vibrant and has a special synergy with the skin, ingredients that are pure, wholesome, and potent are crucial. Following biodynamic farming principles provides not only the highest quality plants and herbs, but also enhances the environment, rather than simply extracting from it. The truest way to run a sustainable farm.

The land upon which our farm is situated has been a part of our family for over 20 generations. Our medicinal herb farm sits on a one acre square, is walled on 3 sides, and has access to natural water sources. At the turn of the 20th century it served as the primary food and medicine source for the family.

Purpose-driven formulation


Our structure allows us to formulate our holistic products with some of the most vibrant and powerful botanicals; undivided, unrefined, pure, so that they work as gently on the skin as their growing and processing is gentle on the earth. They are assembled synergistically in each formula to maximize their individual and collective effects, magnifying their performance on the skin.

We formulate with sustainability in mind. If there is an ingredient that we want to use, but its production or propagation is destructive to the planet, we simply will not use it. This sometimes forces us to research deeper into other, potentially lesser-known, ingredients which has the added benefit of making our products more unique.

With Carolina’s education in Organic Cosmetic Formulation from the accredited Formula Botanica School, she has the specific knowledgebase to successfully synergize our bioactive, biodynamic ingredients into high-performance, sustainability-based products that enable the skin to function optimally, re-balance, and return to its natural vibrancy.

Ultimately the best way to minimize your impact on the environment is to simply consume less. In skin care, this means using less products, but making sure that the ones you do buy, actually perform for the skin, and can do so in more than just one way. Our Extrait de Maison serum can be used for graceful-aging, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, acne, and a whole bunch of other skin ailments. This was by design, to have one product that can do it all.



Regarding our sustainability in packaging, we are probably best known for our Calendula Facial Steam packaging filler, where our bottles are protected by the dried flowers during transit. Once delivered, these calendula flowers can then be used for a facial steam, for approximately 4 separate steaming sessions. Of course these flowers are fully biodegradable.

Our labels are biodegradable, our non-calendula packaging filler and shipping boxes are made from at least 90% post-consumer waste recycled paper, and the ink used on the labels and boxes are vegetable based and biodegradable.

Our presentation paper tube boxes of course can be recycled, but we chose the tube-form so that customers could actually reuse them for protecting products during travel, pen/pencil holders, herb or seed containers, etc instead of simply recycling them.

For online orders, we custom designed the shape of our shipping boxes in order to minimize the amount of paper needed to ship out an order. This way, less paper is used overall for the entire production of each single order.

We are members of the United Plant Savers organization, donating 1% of our proceeds which goes towards the promotion of the preservation of medicinal plants.

Each aspect of our production and manufacturing process is considered for its impact on the environment. Sustainability is the driver behind each decision we make.