La Force du Terroir

Performance-Driven Regenerative Skincare

Biodynamic® — The Original Regenerative Agriculture

Demeter Certified Biodynamic® is a commitment to craftsmanship, a step beyond organic farming, providing the highest quality ingredients for skincare.

Maison Collection

Grown in Burgundy and formulated in New York, the Maison Collection is our novel, premium offering to deliver certified Biodynamic® skincare formulas that are multifaceted, supportive, and effective for the skin.

Verdant Collection

The Verdant Collection is a limited edition, rotating portfolio of single-ingredient products that are exclusively commissioned from our certified Biodynamic® farming partners.


I love Maison/Made's dedication to Biodynamic's and what it means for planet. To be able to care for both my skin and the environment is absolutely wonderful!


I have fallen in love with everything that has come out of the Maison/Made studio. My skin always feels refreshed and renewed and the products make me look forward to my ritual every single night.


Maison Made products really work for me! It feels and looks like they are actually feeding my skin, and they also have a very unique scent to them.


Maison/Made's high ingredient standards are truly unique and this definitely comes through when using the products. Not only do I feel transported to their beautiful garden when I smell them, I also feel that they give my skin the right dose of nourishment and balance. I look forward to using them every day!


I've never quite encountered something like Maison/Made before. The quality and experience of the products is next level. They are trail blazing when it comes to sustainability within luxury skin care - something I'd personally like to see more brands do. I can't wait to see what Maison/Made do next!


Maison Made’s products nourish like Eleusinian Mysteries dancing upon one’s skin and are smooth to the touch like sun-kissed silk. I have used Maison Made’s products for years now; nothing compares to their Heart-to-Farm-to-Face Biodynamic gifts of Mother’s Love in a bottle.


Maison Made is the real deal. The cleanser feels as though you are cleansing with nature in the most gorgeous way. The scent and consistency once applied truly feels pure and clean yet beyond effective - I mean, it cleared my rosacea after the initial use! In terms of skincare, Maison Made will bring you closest to Mother Nature - what’s cooler than that?

Maison Made Farm

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