Biodynamic® — The Original Regenerative Agriculture

Demeter Certified Biodynamic® is a bespoke approach to farming, a commitment to craftsmanship, a leap beyond organic farming, to provide the highest quality ingredients for skincare and to battle the damage done by climate change.

Biodynamic® = Certified Regenerative Farming

L'Importance des Détails


Maison Collection

The Maison Collection is our novel, premium offering to deliver Demeter certified Biodynamic® skincare formulas that are multifaceted, supportive, and effective for the skin.

Verdant Collection

The Verdant Collection is a limited edition, rotating portfolio of single-ingredient products that are exclusively commissioned from our certified Biodynamic® farming partners.

A Journey Into Motherhood

Farmers & Makers Interview Series

Chapter #1: Dr. Chris & Erin Sojourner on the History and Future of Biodynamic & Regenerative Agriculture

Going Circular

Why a Circular Economy is Crucial?