Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare


A Commitment to Integrity

Our decision to start Maison/Made was cemented in the knowledge that our actions impact the environment.

We are keenly aware that skin care products require earthly resources; however, we are adamantly striving to put back more than we are taking from the earth. This principle has guided every business decision from day one, starting with our formulations which, in turn, inform our farming strategy and methods, to sourcing ingredients and choosing sustainable packaging.

Maison Made Biodynamic Calendula Skincare

By curating and fostering biodiversity in farming and sourcing, we have found a path to create a commercial entity that enables us to support the environment whilst working in harmony with nature.

We spent over 3 years sourcing and commissioning the most potent Biodynamic® ingredients to create exquisite and sustainably farmed skincare products that are gentle, on both skin and soil. Below you will find the criteria that our ingredients must pass before being considered for our formulas.

Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare


We grow a large variety of medicinal plants exclusively for use in our skincare products. Since taking over the farm in 2017 we have added over 50 additional native species.

Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare Elderberry


We restrict the use of endangered plant species and avoid exotic ingredients that deplete natural resources without soil restoration.

Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare Hydrosol


We consider our carbon footprint with each decision, including placing priority on sourcing local ingredients when necessary. This also preserves freshness and potency of the plant ingredients.

Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare

Oil Yield

We avoid ingredients that require large amounts of organic material for processing, which cuts down on waste.

Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare Lavender


We consider plants that are drought resistant and do not require excessive amounts of water; this cuts down on the resources required for our plants to flourish.

Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare


We take into account the full lifecycle of our products before they come to existence. Our formulas are completely biodegradable and do not negatively impact the environment by accumulating.

Maison Made Demeter Biodynamic Skincare

As we grow, we will continue to prioritize the environment - to expand a Biodynamic® platform that gives back. As a small and growing business, we acknowledge the need to make concessions but fully intend to build on our sustainability commitments as we grow. We will continue to explore innovation in all areas of sustainability with the end goal being that everything we create will either end up on your skin or find its way back to the soil.

Maison/Made is a proud founding member of the Masters of Good community.