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Intentional Craftsmanship at Every Step
Maison Made Soil

The Soil

We use a variety of Biodynamic® soil preparations, crop rotations, and intelligent water management to care for the life beneath our feet. These regenerative techniques yield unparalleled soil fertility and therefore unparalleled plant health and potency. The main preparation is BD Prep 500 where manure is placed inside a cow horn, buried overwinter, rhythmically dynamized in rainwater in the spring, and then sprayed on our land, spreading concentrated energy on the soil for new growth. A bit like naturopathic medicine for the soil.
Maison Made Our Craft


We combine regenerative Biodynamic methods with our farming expertise cultivated over generations. Our winter and cover crops draw nitrogen down into the soil, an essential component of soil fertility; our nutrient-dense compost provides additional nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, to create vital nourishment for early plant growth. Over the winter, we plan the garden layout for our annuals, rotating crops consistently to encourage soil health and creating a biodiverse habitat for our flora and fauna.
Maison Made Our Craft

Plant Care

Once the seedlings begin to grow and root themselves, we adjust the treatment and begin our protective measures. Using Biodynamic® fertilizers and pesticides (all homemade from plants in the garden without added synthetics), we provide our plants with the best tools to grow healthy and potent. We collect rainwater for irrigation and weed by hand: everything comes from the land in a self-sustaining ecosystem.
Maison Made Biodynamic Calendula

Peak Harvesting

For optimum performance, we harvest our plants when their essential oil and other phytoconstituent properties are at their peak. This approach comes from decades of working with our plants, following the Biodynamic® calendar, performing countless trials, and noting the results. Plants do not adhere to a specific timeline, they are the product of the seasonal weather, water and air supply, and soil quality.
Maison Made Biodynamic Calendula

Drying & Storage

Another key step in producing powerful plant material is how it is dried and stored. This process allows a freshly plucked plant to retain and store its vital compounds and antioxidants that we seek for our skincare products. If improperly managed, much of these compounds can be lost, leading to nutrient deficient dried plants. A temperature and humidity controlled drying process with proper light protected storage allows us to masterfully maintain the abundant potency of our plants.
Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare

Skincare Atelier

Once the plants make it to our Biodynamic® certified and inspected skincare atelier, their preservation and conservation continues. Biodynamic® ingredients are kept separate from organic ingredients, and are stored and processed following the international standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Our ingredients are processed in our proprietary Complexe du Jardin™ method, ensuring careful and concentrated saturation of the medicinal properties of the plants in our oils.
Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare

Limited Production

We formulate in accordance with nature’s cycles and rhythms as well as the Biodynamic® method. Consequently, we intentionally limit our production to ensure that we not only take from the earth, but also give back. This practice equally ensures quality, land regeneration, and true craftsmanship, and provides confidence in each bottle’s purity.
Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare


All of our products are 100% biodegradable and non-bioaccumulative, meaning they pose absolutely no threat to the environment if disposed of. Every decision we make is rooted in this principle. We create skincare that follows the foundation of Biodynamics: production that adds more to the environment than it takes from it. This means following the cradle-to-cradle approach in every way, knowing our environmental excellence will improve as we grow. The ultimate goal is for everything we make to either end up on your skin, or find its way back to the soil.