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Extrait de Maison Sample
German Chamomile Hydrosol Sample
Lavender Hydrosol Sample
Lemon Balm Hydrosol Sample
Peppermint Hydrosol Sample
Rituel de Maison Sample
Rose Geranium Hydrosol Sample
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HYDROSOL Discovery Set

All of our beloved hydrosols in one full package. This discovery set is designed to allow a complete experience of every hand-picked, artisan distilled Biodynamic® plant in our hydrosol collection.
6 x 15ml

The Story

The Story

For the first time ever, our collection of hydrosols are now available together as a set to give you a taste of all of the medicinal plant waters that come from our uniquely special Biodynamic regenerative farm in upstate New York.

Discover every hydrosol at once, in a more accessible size, a generous sampling to experience the numerous benefits from each individual medicinal plant. Delivered together, this set is the perfect introduction to the venerable advantages of these delicate, but robust hydrosols, as a gift to yourself or a loved one.

Grown locally, just a couple hours from our studio, these certified Biodynamic hydrosols are hand-harvested and artisanally distilled the same day to provide the absolute best quality water essences of each plant: Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Rose Geranium, and German Chamomile.

Each of these hydrosols has more than one application, easily explained directly on the box to allow for immediate enjoyment. Whether used for their main purpose as a facial toner or to savor their aromatherapeutic benefits, to strengthen hair, soothe colicky children, alleviating dermal redness, purify air and scent linens, everyone can easily enjoy their multitude of benefits.



Excellent for gifting

All-in-one experience

Introduction to hydrosols

All the benefits of each hydrosol

Limited production

From small, independent regenerative farms

Natural, authentic remedies

Supports Biodynamic Regenerative agriculture

Product of Regenerative

Ingredients of Small, Independent Farms

Environmentally Friendly




Artisanal Craftsmanship

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Low Carbon Emission

Sustainable Sourcing

How to use

Skin Shake well and generously mist over freshly cleansed face. Follow with our Extrait de Maison to seal in nutrients and hydration. Breathe deeply for aromatherapeutic benefits.

Hair Mist abundantly on hair for a smoothing, stimulating, and strengthening effect, from the scalp to the tips. Best after bathing, when the hair is still slightly damp.

Home Use as a room spray, bathroom spray, or for your linens. The gentle aroma refreshes in any living space.

Travel Revitalizes stagnant air and counteracts the drying effects of travel. Also excellent as a skin and mood boost when on the go.

Depending on usage, each 15ml bottle will last approximately 2 weeks. For ultimate freshness, consume within 3 months after opening. The hydrosols are suitable for all skin types. Tested for microbial content to ensure safety and stability. For external use.


Locally-sourced Biodynamic®
Pelargonium capitatum hydrolat
Locally sourced Biodynamic®
Mentha piperita hydrolat
Locally sourced Biodynamic®
Rosmarinus officinalis hydrolat
Locally sourced Biodynamic®
Lavandula angustifolia hydrolat

Locally sourced Biodynamic®
Melissa officinalis hydrolat
Locally sourced Biodynamic®
Matricaria recutita hydrolat

From Seed to Bottle

All our hydrosols are grown on the same farm, by the same master Biodynamic gardener in New York, close to our studio.

From the very beginning of the plant’s life, through its growth and flowering within a very well draining soil, to the time of harvest, we provide our plants an environment that thoroughly enhances their medicinal qualities, a gift of the Biodynamic® approach to soil and plants.


Step 1 Once the harshness of winter and the last frost have passed, the plants that become our hydrosols are treated with special Biodynamic sprays to foster fertility and vibrancy.

Step 2 After the plants have begun to flower, sometime in late spring or early summer, our master gardener and distiller begins to plan their harvest, knowing from 30 years of experience, the best time to capture the abundant plant compounds and cellular water at a time in their growth cycle when the plant is at its most vital and essential oil production is high.

Step 3 Within minutes of harvesting, the plants are placed into a classic copper alembic still. Natural well spring water is heated to create the steam that then passes through the plant material, condensing into hydrosol and filling the greenhouse with its intoxicating floral aroma.

Step 4 The sterilized jars filled with newly produced hydrosol are refrigerated until filled into the very bottles that end up in your hands.

The Result Every step of this process is focused on the details to give us the most decadent hydrosols we’ve ever seen. Like an exquisite wine, our fine hydrosols are the result of their terroir - the location and method of growing, the precise time of harvest, the exact distillation process and bottling.

A message from our master distiller

“Our hydrosols come from the steam distillation of our medicinal plants.

Made in micro batches to ensure only first-choice plants are used, we take great care through each step of the distillation process.”

“From the very beginning of the plant’s life, through its growth and flowering within a very well draining soil, to the time of harvest, we provide our plants an environment that thoroughly enhances their medicinal qualities, a gift of the Biodynamic® approach to soil and plants.

Involving specific sprays, attention to the quality of the soil, timing of intervention in regards to the moon and other energetic aspects, our goal is to foster a high content of qualitative medicinal constituents. This you will find in the hydrosols we make.”

Additional Reading

Descriptions of Plants: Lavender

I chose lavender to inaugurate this section because it is a truly foundational plant for skincare. It’s such a complete plant that it is widely used and well-known for many things: cuisine, herbal medicine, adornment, and cosmetics.

All About Hydrosols

Distillate plant waters, while fairly overlooked in modern aromatherapy, have long been affiliated with healing and were in use far before essential oils as we know them today were.

Hydrosol Discovery Set | Maison Made