PEPPERMINT ~ Biodynamic® Hydrosol
PEPPERMINT ~ Biodynamic® Hydrosol
PEPPERMINT ~ Biodynamic® Hydrosol
PEPPERMINT ~ Biodynamic® Hydrosol
PEPPERMINT ~ Biodynamic® Hydrosol
PEPPERMINT ~ Biodynamic® Hydrosol
| Limited Run | Hand-Harvested | Demeter Certified Biodynamic® |

Biodynamic® Hydrosol

✓  2022 Harvest Batch
✓  Limited Edition
✓  Artisan-Distilled
✓  Single-Origin
✓  Demeter Certified Biodynamic® Hydrosols

Cooling, soothing, brightening.

For all skin complexions. Excellent for irritated, acneic, and dry skin.

Cool and crisp, peppermint beckons a brisk mountain wind, as invigorating as it is calming. Immediately revitalizing, our peppermint hydrosol’s classic minty aroma is green, herbaceous, and bright.

Peppermint’s high levels of menthol and antioxidants provide analgesic and antiseptic actions, while also helping regulate the secretion of sebum on the skin. Expertly soothing, this hydrosol is a master at calming rashes, sunburns and itchiness, making it the perfect nightstand remedy during pregnancy.

This hydrosol is crafted exclusively for Maison/Made by a master artisan and certified Biodynamic® distiller in limited quantities. As part of our Verdant Collection, this hydrosol is a way to directly nurture the Biodynamic® Regenerative movement beyond the boundaries of our Burgundy estate.

50 ml ~ 1.7 fl. oz


Beneficial for delicate complexions due to its soothing nature. Excellent for irritated, acneic and dry skin, as well as sunburns, bites, and itchiness.

Unique cooling and antiseptic properties that benefit everyone. Great leg tonic.

Provides an abundance of hydrating antioxidant compounds that energize and revive the skin.

Nerve, heart, respiratory, and circulation tonic. Good for any type of skin redness (rosacea, broken capillaries, couperose).

Skin: Shake well and generously mist over freshly cleansed face; follow with our Extrait de Maison to seal in nutrients and hydration. Breathe deeply for aromatherapeutic benefits.

Hair: Apply abundantly on hair for a smoothing, stimulating effect, from the scalp to the tips. Best after bathing when the hair is still slightly damp.

Home: Use as a room spray, bathroom spray, or for your linens. The gentle aroma refreshes in any living space.

Travel: Revitalizes stagnant air and counteracts the drying effects of travel. Also excellent as a skin and mood boost when on the go.

On our family farm, we operate in accordance with Biodynamic agricultural cycles. This means that first and foremost, we work in sync with Earth’s natural rhythms, resulting in distinct seasonal batches.

By fostering agricultural biodiversity, we are able to produce resilient, nutrient dense soil that not only sequesters carbon, but also grows plants of superior quality. This quality translates to ingredients that offer a diverse abundance of beneficial compounds for the skin. Embracing this diversity, minor variations in scent and color are expected and celebrated for each limited batch.  

To read more about our limited batching, see Our Craft.
This hydrosol contains only a single ingredient:
Biodynamic® Mentha piperita steam-distilled hydrolat.
This formula is 100% biodegradable and 
non-bioaccumulative in the environment.
Maison Made

Notes from the Master Distiller

"Our hydrosols come from the steam distillation of our medicinal plants. Made in micro batches to ensure only first-choice plants are used, we take great care through each step of the distillation process. 

From the very beginning of the plant's life, through its growth and flowering within a very well draining soil, to the time of harvest, we provide our plants an environment that thoroughly enhances their medicinal qualities, a gift of the Biodynamic® approach to soil and plants.

Involving specific sprays, attention to the quality of the soil, timing of intervention in regards to the moon and other energetic aspects, our goal is to foster a high content of qualitative medicinal constituents. This you will find in the hydrosols we make."

What is a Hydrosol?

Distillation Process