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Biodynamic® is a method of growing plants and raising animals that is both a homage to preindustrial farming, as well as a promotion of the regenerative skills that are the future of modern agriculture. In fact, Biodynamic® is certified regenerative farming, the most sustainable system of land-management currently available.

Maison Made Biodynamic Skincare

A Biodynamic® farm, as well as a Biodynamic® product, must be certified Biodynamic® by the international organization Demeter; any product that utilizes the word "biodynamic" without Demeter's certification is unsubstantiated. Demeter is the only agricultural organization whose regulations are universal, meaning that a Biodynamic farm, no matter its location, abides by the same standards. In contrast, organic certification standards can vary drastically from one country to the next. Demeter’s global reach ensures that a certified Biodynamic® product is of the highest quality, no matter its origin.

The goal of Demeter is to create a global agricultural system that produces high-integrity food and derivative products, like our skincare products. That is why Demeter places strict rules on their farms with a longstanding commitment to biodiverse ecologies and everlasting sustainability.

Simply put, Demeter and Biodynamic® farmers strive to “heal the planet through agriculture.”

Maison Made Biodynamic SkincareHistory of Biodynamics

Biodynamics is the most sustainable method of regenerative agriculture currently developed. In 1924, Rudolf Steiner, an agricultural pioneer, homeopath, and philosopher, gave a series of lectures to European farmers in Switzerland who had been struggling to produce nutrient-rich food after having adopted the newly available chemical pesticides and herbicides that became prevalent after World War I. Steiner’s lectures were published and widely distributed, and resulted in an ecological movement that brought the farmer’s attention back to the soil.

Benefits of Biodynamic® Farming

Biodynamic’s restorative and regenerative practices actually draw carbon out of the atmosphere, rather than contributing to it as modern conventional agriculture does today with tilling and mono-culturing. An organic certification is certainly a big step in the right direction, but for a Biodynamic® farm, it is the base requirement. Therefore, any product labelled Biodynamic® is inherently organic, but also a step beyond: a gold standard in agriculture.