Biodynamic Right Column

This is achieved through the following:

  • The farm is viewed as a living organism, not just the plants and animals living within it. It is self-contained, self-sustaining, and follows the cycles of its local ecology. 
  • Cover-cropping is required, not simply recommended.
  • Reserving 10% of farming acreage for natural, uncultivated biodiversity is a requirement.
  • Use of the 9 Biodynamic “preparations” (specific formulas to enhance soil quality and compost, and increasing microbiological activity).
  • The use of any GMO’s is strictly prohibited.
  • The farm must recycle “waste” products into other areas of the farm, for example composting and making plant-made fertilizers and pesticides.
  • People management practices are regulated, meaning that a Biodynamic® farm must treat its employees and contractors fairly and equitably.

    What Biodynamic® Means to Maison/Made

    To Maison/Made, luxury means a dedication to craftsmanship that renders high quality skincare. Craftsmanship is expressed through our formulations as well as our farming practices. The superior quality of our ingredients are a direct reflection of the Biodynamic® Demeter certification we have earned for our business. To maintain this certification our company is held to the following standards: 

    • Annual studio inspections
    • Strict ingredient sourcing regulations
    • Strict storage and handling regulations
    • Formulation review
    • Frequent supplier verifications
    • Responsibility to aid in the healing of the planet